The End is Nigh

Getting the e-learning proposal completed this week was a bit of a milestone on the M.A. course for me.  It was a requirement for a pass/fail module.  This meant that I needed to submit the proposal to pass the module but it isn’t graded.  But that wasn’t the point, because the proposal is the map of how I intend to develop the e-learning course, so the more complete it is the easier it will be to develop.

Indeed, the end of the taught element of the MA is fast approaching.  I will finish this semester in a couple of weeks and then will have to focus on the development of the e-learning project which is due in September. But before I get too carried away, I still have two assignments to complete.

For the first assignment, I had a choice of using Madcap Flair to develop a piece of content or to do a podcast.  I have done a couple of podcasts already so would like to try out Flair which I haven’t used before.  Our lecturer has managed to get us access to the full licence until the end of May which is great.  There is a trial version available but it randomly scrambles the output which makes the trial software of limited use.  I plan to develop a short set of instructions describing how to use Slack. This is a collaborative tool, which I have been using this term to work with a number of collaborative groups.

The second assignment which is still outstanding is to put together an e-portfolio of four of the projects that I have developed over the course of the M.A.  I have been giving this a lot of thought over the past week or so.  While several assignments immediately come to mind, I haven’t completely decided which to include. In addition, while the course requirement is to include four, I would like to add to it over time so will need to keep that in mind as I put it together.  I am considering using either Wix or Weebly.  I have also considered using WordPress as that is what I use for blogging and but, on balance, the other alternative as probably adequate for the requirements of the assignment.

So as was previously said in another context, a lot done, more to do! It’s going to be a busy couple of weeks.



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