Powerpoint Presentation with Audio

Presentation_The Impact of Gamification on Online Help Click on the link to download the presentation.


The End is Nigh

Getting the e-learning proposal completed this week was a bit of a milestone on the M.A. course for me.  It was a requirement for a pass/fail module.  This meant that I needed to submit the proposal to pass the module but it isn’t graded.  But that wasn’t the point, because the proposal is the map… Continue reading The End is Nigh

The Design Saltmines

I have spent the past couple of weeks designing and writing up my proposal for my e-learning course.  This is the third proposal that I have worked on over the course of the MA and I found it interesting to review the changes in how I work since I started the MA in Autumn 2015.… Continue reading The Design Saltmines

Terminology consistency and findability

Last week Tom Johnson hosted a guest post by Yves Pierrot on the topic of terminology consistency and how it impacts on a user’s comprehension and attitude (you can read the full post here).  It is an excellent resource on this topic, but in particular,  I was struck by Pierrot's description of how users search.… Continue reading Terminology consistency and findability

Slow Slow Quick Quick Slow!

As part of the Masters programme at UL, there is a requirement complete a dissertation or content development project. This is a heavy-duty piece of work and accounts for one third on the Masters programme.  So, no pressure then!  I am very much in the content development end of this Masters and had lots of… Continue reading Slow Slow Quick Quick Slow!

Allez les Bleus

Monday of last week was the deadline to hand the instructional content we had developed over to our French team members for the next phase of our project.  In the end, we had a reasonable document and our translators have got stuck in with great enthusiasm. So, while we still are available to assist with queries,… Continue reading Allez les Bleus

Collaboration – the final countdown

This was the last week of the writing element of the collaboration. Tomorrow, the document moves to the translation stage of the project.  I must admit that I am not unhappy to be handing it over to our French colleagues. All in all, we got engagement to varying degrees from all but one of the… Continue reading Collaboration – the final countdown

The Slow Bicycle Race

This is the second week of the collaboration project and this blog post will reflect on what progress we have made. What have I learnt? We didn’t appoint a team leader which was a mistake in retrospect, as it is becoming clear how necessary the role is.  Putting a structure on the process important, and… Continue reading The Slow Bicycle Race