Powerpoint Presentation with Audio

Presentation_The Impact of Gamification on Online Help Click on the link to download the presentation.


Task Analysis

As part of my e-learning proposal which I submitted this week, I had to identify and analyse examples of tasks for my learners.  I used Gagne’s approach to describe the tasks in terms of knowledge, skills and attitudes. Task analysis involves breaking down activities into discrete steps. Informally, we do it all the time; we… Continue reading Task Analysis

The Design Saltmines

I have spent the past couple of weeks designing and writing up my proposal for my e-learning course.  This is the third proposal that I have worked on over the course of the MA and I found it interesting to review the changes in how I work since I started the MA in Autumn 2015.… Continue reading The Design Saltmines

Collaboration – the final countdown

This was the last week of the writing element of the collaboration. Tomorrow, the document moves to the translation stage of the project.  I must admit that I am not unhappy to be handing it over to our French colleagues. All in all, we got engagement to varying degrees from all but one of the… Continue reading Collaboration – the final countdown